NJOY Nicotine Levels

Njoy is one of the most unique e-cig companies out there. While most companies focus on selling rechargeable batteries and cartomizers, Njoy focuses on cheaper, higher quality disposable e-cigs. However, the Njoy King is not for everyone. The nicotine levels are so high in the King that casual vapers or those used to a much smaller amount of nicotine can enjoy them.

So, What Does NJOY Offer In Terms Of Nicotine Levels?

The Njoy King is available in two different nicotine levels. The lowest level is 3.5%, or 35 mg of nicotine. The other option is 4%, or 40 mg of nicotine. In contrast, the highest nicotine level available from other e-cig companies is 2.4 % or 24 mg. This is usually sufficient nicotine for those who smoke unfiltered cigarettes.

The extremely high levels of nicotine in the Njoy King is really only for those who really like a lot of nicotine or can’t vape without it. I don’t really like or need that much nicotine, but I appreciate it when the e-cig companies offer higher levels for those who do. Conversely, I find it irritating when companies only focus on a small range of nicotine strengths.

Aside from the amount of nicotine available, the nicotine strength of an e-cig is best evaluated by examining nicotine delivery. Nicotine is delivered by the vapor, which means that e-cigs with better vapor quality and quantity are more capable of delivering nicotine. In some e-cigs, higher nicotine levels are effectively neutralized by poor vapor quality. This is not the case with the Njoy King, which produces solid, if not exceptional vapor. This vapor is good enough to effectively deliver the higher levels of nicotine.